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Shelves (Interior)

Our OSB Interior Shelves include two shelves hung with white metal brackets. Designed for simple and practical interior storage.

Wooden Shelves

Available in pairs of two shelves in: 4 ft., 6 ft. and 8 ft. x 13 in. deep sizes.

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Light (Exterior Solar Coach)

Our black Exterior Solar Coach Light mounts with a black bracket and can be installed anywhere on the side of the shed.

Exterior Solar Coach Light

The top of the light soaks up the suns rays using the mini solar panels on top of the light itself. Harness the power of the sun with bright warm white LED lighting, a guaranteed 2.4 Lumens brightness and 5000 Kelvin light colour.

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Tool Rack

Our wooden Tool Rack with adjustable pegs works fittingly to hang any garden tools you have inside your shed.

Wooden Tool Rack

Includes adjustable wooden sliding pegs that you can move side to side however you like to set what you need to hang.

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Window Shutters

Our fixed Window Shutters come as a pair and work with our 14″x27″ Opening Window purely for an optional aesthetic appeal.

Constructed with white PVC to match the door(s) trim and are simply fixed to the side of the shed.

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