Can I pickup my Do It Yourself Shed Kit?

You can pick up your Do It Yourself Shed Kit at our workshop in Dundas for no delivery cost if you have an open utility trailer that is at least 8 ft. wide.

If needed, U-Haul offers trailer rentals for fairly reasonable rates if you don’t have a trailer or one large enough. Please follow this link for all the details for renting a U-Haul trailer here:

For U-Haul trailers based upon their unique design the 6’x12’ Utility Trailer is recommended. You will also need 4 to 6 cargo straps to secure the load.

If you opt to pickup the DIY Shed Kit yourself you can pick it up on your scheduled date at our workshop located at 3-62 Head St, Dundas, ON, L9H 3H7.

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