How do we prepare the foundation for our sheds?

For our wooden standard floors we build our shed foundations by digging holes, laying around 2 1/2″ to 3 1/2″ of crushed gravel inside the holes and use 8”x8” cinder blocks on top of the gravel in the hole.

We build up on top of the cinder blocks using 2″x6″ pressure treated floor joists with 24″ centered floor joists. The floor joists can be upgraded to 16″ or 12″ centered if needed for heavier interior storage loads. We also offer floor joist hangers and a 2″x8″ floor joist upgrade for the most extreme weight loads. For some locations we use 12”x12”x2” concrete pavers depending on the surface the shed is to be built upon.

Included standard with all of our installations is a professional levelling and squaring of the base foundation for you. If you build your own Do It Yourself Shed Kit it is critical to ensure the base is level and squared in order for the installation to work.

Once all of the holes have been dug, the excess dirt is used to fill around the cinder blocks to neatly cover the gravel. All of the additional unnecessary dirt is placed under the shed to eliminate any undesirable mess.

Our standard shed setup includes 5/8” OSB tongue and groove floor sheathing on top of the 2”x6″ pressure treated base frame. We also offer 5/8” or 3/4” pressure treated plywood floor sheathing as an upgradeable option depending on your needs and interior storage weight load.

If you have a pre-existing concrete pad poured we use an outer 2”x4” pressure treated base frame which is screwed down with Tapcon Concrete Anchors into the outer concrete pad so the interior floor is concrete.

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