We offer a wide variety of accessories to help you build a shed that reflects your aesthetic aspirations. Click the ‘+’ tab on any accessory below to learn more:

Our 16″x18″ Cupola is copper coloured and is designed to be installed on top of any shed to provide a classic Renaissance era inspired allure.


16″x18″ Rooftop Cupola (copper colour) – $200

Our black Exterior Solar Coach Light mounts anywhere on the side of the shed and soaks up the suns rays using the mini solar panels on top of the light itself. The lights have an average operating time of 8 hours after a sunny day charge. With bright warm white LED lighting, a guaranteed 2.4 Lumens brightness and 5000 Kelvin light colour, our Solar Coach Light instantly adds a sophisticated edge to any shed that wishes to shine bright.


One Exterior Solar Coach Light – $45

Two Exterior Solar Coach Lights – $80

Three Exterior Solar Coach Lights – $100

Four Exterior Solar Coach Lights – $120

Our Interior Solar Light uses the power of the sun to charge the battery to produce light anytime with the flick of a switch. Includes the ability to charge even during unfavorable cloudy conditions to ensure lasting longevity. Includes a rechargeable battery and the roof mounted solar panel is water-resistant, so you can ensure the solar panel will withstand the elements. A subtle wire connects the roof mounted solar panel underneath the shingles down into the shed to the interior solar light that includes an on/off switch.


One Interior Solar Light w/ a light switch and one roof mounted solar panel – $60

Two Interior Solar Lights w/ two light switches and two roof mounted solar panels  – $110


8 x 10 Wood Gable Style Shed

8 x 10 Wooden Gable Style Shed

We offer both a Single and a Double Door Entry Ramp; pressure treated to withstand the elements. Image shows a Double Door Entry Ramp on an 8’x10′ Gable Shed.


Double Door Entry Ramp – $95

Heavy Duty Double Door Entry Ramp – $145


We offer an additional Loft Storage Shelf if you require additional storage for a Barn Shed. The additional loft shelf utilizes the towering interior of the Barn Shed design and allows you to maximize your upper shed storage space. Please note, the Loft Storage Shelf and Additional Loft Shelf  is only an option available for our Barn Sheds.


Additional Loft Storage Shelf –  $75


Our wooden Interior Shelves include two shelves hung with white brackets underneath, one shelf above another in: 4 ft., 6 ft. and 8 ft. by 13 in. deep sizes. These shelves are for anyone in need of some simple interior storage inside their shed.


4’x 13″ – $25

6’x 13″ – $35

8’x 13″ – $50

Our 14″x22″ Bronze Tinted Skylight is made from superior poly-carbonate unbreakable material that works effectively to let in sunlight through the roof, meanwhile provides you with a window to the sky. The skylight can be installed on top of all of our sheds and provides an ample amount of sunlight to brighten the interior.


14″x22″ Bronze Tinted Skylight – $100


Our Wooden Tool Rack works fittingly to hang any garden tools inside your shed. With sliding pegs you can decide exactly what and how to hang your tools.


4 ft. Wooden Tool Rack w/ 10 adjustable pegs – $35

6 ft. Wooden Tool Rack w/ 12 adjustable pegs – $45

8 ft. Wooden Tool Rack w/ 14 adjustable pegs – $65

Our decorative 24″ black Metal Rooster Weather Vane fits on top of any of our shed roofs to create a classic country ambiance to any shed.


24″ Black Metal Rooster Weather Vane – $90

10 x 10 Barn Style Wooden Shed

10 x 10 Barn Style Wooden Shed

Our 12″x12″ Fixed Windows always look elegant and allow some sunlight to help brighten the interior of the shed during the day. With a square classic design, this window works well with any shed type. Each of our Barn Sheds include a Fixed Window above the wooden doors. The window comes surrounded by a pine wood trim.

Windows are cut out and installed after the completion of the shed.


One 12″x12″ Fixed Window – $60

Two 12″x12″ Fixed Windows – $90

Three 12″x12″ Fixed Windows – $130

Four 12″x12″ Fixed Windows – $170

10 x 8 Cottage Workshop Shed

10 x 8 Cottage Workshop Shed

Our 14″x27″ Opening Window opens vertically with a screen and allows plenty of light to brighten the interior, while also allowing you the option to open the window to provide additional fresh air flow inside the shed as desired. The window comes surrounded by a pine wood trim.

Windows are cut out and installed after the completion of the shed.


One 14″x27″ Opening Window w/ screen – $95

Two 14″x27″ Opening Windows w/ screens – $160

Three 14″x27″ Opening Windows w/ screens – $225

Four 14″x27″ Opening Windows w/ screens – $300

Our wooden fixed Window Shutters help to create an authentic classic wood shed look. The pair of shutters are fixed to the wall on both sides of the window to provide a pleasing appeal.


One pair of Wooden Window Shutters – $30

Two pairs of Wooden Window Shutters – $50

Three pairs of Wooden Window Shutters – $75

Four pairs of Wooden Window Shutters – $95

Our white Window Flower Box is the perfect addition with either of our windows to add a more natural appeal to your shed.

Wooden Single Slope Shed 6' x 3'

Wooden Single Slope Shed 6′ x 3′


One Window Flower Box – $30

Two Window Flower Boxes – $50

Three Window Flower Boxes – $75

Four Window Flower Boxes – $100