Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, pickup is available. For pickup you will need a large trailer at least 8′ wide. If your trailer is not that large, U-Haul rents trailers for reasonable rates. You can pickup your shed on your scheduled pickup date at our workshop located at 62 Head St., Dundas, Ontario, L9H 3H7.

All do it yourself shed kits come with complete assembly instructions. If your shed is being installed we will do all of the work for you and you will not require any assembly instructions.

The shed needs to be painted. The side panels of the shed are Smart Panel, which comes factory primed and the rest of the wood and trim is unfinished spruce wood, which needs to be primed and painted. We recommend using Behr or Benjamin Moore Premium Outdoor Latex with Primer Paint, since this covers the shed effectively with only one or two coats and ensures a flattering finish. We do offer shed painting as an option with shed installations for an extra cost.

Upon ordering your shed we require a 50% deposit. We accept: cash, cheque and online bank payment via TD Bank, Scotia Bank, or Royal Bank. For online bank payment simply add “Shed In A Day” as the payee and use your account number located at the top right of your quote. If you do not deal with any of those banks, we also accept email money transfers; simply use your account number for the secret question. Also, we accept Visa and MasterCard through PayPal, which has a 3% surcharge on the amount paid through PayPal. If mailing a cheque make it out to “Shed In A Day” and if your delivery/install is within 10 days we recommend mailing your cheque with Canada Post’s Express Post; available at most Shoppers Drug Mart locations.

Precut Floor Joists








Foundation Layout








Here is some information on the foundation and flooring of our sheds. Above you will find our first picture that shows the floor joists as they are shipped pre cut, marked where to attach and ready to assemble. All of our floor joists are 2 x 6 pressure treated wood. The picture below shows the basic layout of the foundation for a 8 x 10, 8 x 12, 10 x 8 or 10 x 12 shed. For the do it yourselfer, you will want to prepare this basic layout so you know where to dig your foundation holes for the cinder blocks. The picture below on the left shows one of our 8 by 8 cinder blocks we use for the foundation. We use these cinder blocks as well as 3 to 5 inches of crushed stone to create a better base. We offer cinder blocks and gravel at current market prices for the do it yourselfer. If we are installing the shed the cinder blocks and gravel are included in the price.

Cinder Block 8 x 8

















Above you will see the basic idea of how to level the shed. You will want to adjust the level of crushed stone until each board sits level across every 2 cinder blocks. Leveling and squaring of the shed is included in the price of installation. For the do it yourselfer it is very important to ensure the base is level and squared. You will notice the picture below shows the foundation once it has been dug out. All of the dirt is placed back under the shed for a clean presentation when completed. The other picture below shows how we fill the holes back in once the foundation is dug. This makes the cinder blocks hold in position. It also makes them less noticeable and gives the foundation that finished look.

Squaring / Backfill















For the actual floor sheathing we use 5/8″ tongue and groove boards.  You will notice the floor boards in the image to the lower left. If you already have an existing cement pad shed in a day offers a $75 discount on the price of any shed since there is no floor required. We instead will supply you with 2 x 4 pressure treated lumber that will act as the mounting point for the shed. The 2 x 4’s are anchored to the cement pad using special Tapcon screws. These are included in the price of installation and available at an extra cost for the do it yourselfer.

Tongue and Groove Flooring








Cement Pad

All of our sheds include a three (3) year structural guarantee. The guarantee covers all of the structural components of the shed such as doors, hinges, and the general framing and construction of the shed. The warranty does not cover rot as this would happen as a result of not caulking or painting the structure correctly.

The siding of our sheds is an all wood manufactured product by Louisiana Products called Smart Panel. It is designed for use on exterior buildings and has a faux board and baton finish. It is one of the best wooden products in the outdoor accessory building industry. It comes treated with rot and termite protection and is factory pre-primed.


You will only need some simple tools to get the job done: a hammer, level, shovel, a drill with a red Robertson bit, a saw, and a measuring tape.