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Before Your Delivery Questions & Information

Thank you for your purchase of a new shed kit from Shed In A Day. The following form will help us to gather all of the required information for your delivery date as well as provide you with clear details as to how the delivery process works. We also forward this form with all of your inputted information to our delivery team as their guidance for the drop off of your shed. Please answer all questions and attach photos where indicated. We recommend doing this form on your phone as it makes attaching photos easier. If you have trouble attaching a photo you can email it directly to If you have any concerns or problems completing this form in full please call us at 905-330-2482. We look forward to delivering your Shed In A Day.

Do I Need To Be Home For Delivery?

You do not need to be home for the delivery of your new shed kit. Many of our sheds are delivered with nobody home. As long as we have access to your driveway we can complete the delivery. Please let us know below if you plan to be home on the day of delivery or away during the delivery.

Delivery Address

Please verify the address on your invoice is the correct address for delivery and includes all details including postal code. If you could please test your address on Google Maps ( and make sure it works the way it is typed on the invoice or how you've typed it here. Our GPS systems use Google Maps, so ensuring that your address will load properly will help us get to your location smoothly on delivery day.

Phone Number

Please enter the best phone number and contact name to reach on delivery day below. If the delivery team have any questions on delivery day they will call this number.

Door Location(s)

Please verify the door location(s) are correct on your invoice. The door location can be found in the description of the shed kit on your invoice. In our shed description the first number is the wall with the doors. For example on a " Gable Shed 8'x12' " the doors will be on the 8' front. If you selected the option to move the doors to another location please verify this is correct; this information can be found lower on your invoice. Also, verify that if you have added any extra doors to your shed that the location on the invoice for the additional doors is correct; this information is also further down your invoice. If your door locations are not correct or unclear, it is very important to email or call us immediately at 905-330-2482 or if no answer call 289-775-3419.

Time of Delivery

Our sheds are loaded and affected by several variables which ultimately determine what time in the day your shed delivery will be. Most deliveries take place between 8am and 5pm. We can not guarantee any specific delivery time for most deliveries. If you would like to know a rough ETA for delivery please email us at the afternoon of the business day before your delivery.

Driveway / Delivery Access

Please Note: We do not carry the shed deliveries any distance other than where we can park and offload next to our trailer.

Please ensure that your driveway is empty for the arrival of our delivery truck and trailer. We usually come with a full sized pick up truck and 20 foot trailer. All deliveries are made to the driveway or where we can offload the shed from where we can park the trailer. All of the shed walls and parts are neatly offloaded into a pile at the top of your driveway (or where we can pull our trailer to). If you are located at a cottage or a property with a long laneway entrance please attach photos from the entrance to the parking spot. If you do not have a driveway, please ensure that we have a place to park our truck and trailer so we can offload the shed for you and attach some photos of the parking spot and where the shed will be offloaded. If you require delivery to a tight spot or back alley please email us immediately with some photos of the access to the area so we can assess and let you know what your options are. If the shed kit needs to be outside before you move it, it will be fine in the elements for a couple weeks. Please note that we do not carry the shed deliveries any distance other than where we can park and offload next to our trailer. Please mark where you would like the shed offloaded with an 'X'. You can use sticks, brooms, hockey sticks, tape, chalk etc. to let our team know where you would like the shed kit placed on the driveway and we will do out best to get the kit as close as possible. Take a photo of the driveway / location with the 'X' and attach it here for us to confirm.



Shed Painting

Please disregard if you have selected to have your shed painted.

The exterior of the shed needs to be painted. We recommend using either Behr Marquee or Benjamin Moore Aura Premium Exterior Latex Paint with Primer since this covers the exterior of the shed with only one or two coats. This helps to ensure a flattering finish and seals the wood. The wall paneling is already primed. The shed should ideally be painted within 90 days of install. 

Final Payment Information

Final payment is due upon delivery of the shed. We will email you a final invoice when the shed has been completed. You can use the same method of payment for final payment as you did your deposit. The payment options are as follows:

EMAIL MONEY TRANSFER (Fastest and Most Popular Option): We accept from all Canadian banks to our email address:; simply use your quote number as the security question and for the answer use your 8 digit account number located at the top right of your quote. When paying deposits through Email Money Transfer, if the amount is over your daily limit, final payment can be paid over multiple days.

ONLINE BILL PAYMENTS (Payment Received Next Business Day): We accept from: TD, Scotiabank or RBC; simply add, “Shed In A Day” as the payee and use your 8 digit account number located at the top right of your quote.

CREDIT CARD (PAYPAL): We do not accept credit cards directly, but we can accept from: Visa, Amex or Mastercard online through the PayPal system. Please note that this method has an extra 3% PayPal fee on top of the total cost that will be added to your payment. Please email us to let us know this is how you are paying and we will send a PayPal invoice that will have you enter your credit card details.

CHEQUE: For cheque payments please make the cheque out to “Shed In A Day”. If you are planning to give a cheque to our delivery team in person, please let them know when they arrive so they know to get payment from you when the delivery is complete. If you will not be home and will be leaving a cheque, please let us know in the additional notes at the end of the form where the cheque will be on delivery day. (Mailbox, etc.)


All of our sheds include a three year structural warranty. This warranty covers all of the structural components such as: doors, hinges, general framing and construction of the shed.

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