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Before Your Install Questions & Information

Thank you for your purchase of a new shed from Shed In A Day. The health and safety of our customers and staff is our top priority. Our installers are fully insured through WSIB and liability insurance. The following form will help us to gather all of the required information for your install date as well as provide you with clear details as to how the install process works. We also forward this form with all of your inputted information to our installers as their guidance for the installation of your shed. Please answer all questions and attach photos where indicated. We recommend doing this form on your phone as it makes attaching photos easier. If you have trouble attaching a photo you can email it directly to If you have any concerns or problems completing this form in full please call us at 905-330-2482. We look forward to installing your Shed In A Day.

Do I Need To Be Home For Installation?

You do not need to be home for the installation. Many of our sheds are installed with nobody home. As long as we have access to your driveway, the path to the backyard is clear, and the location of the shed is marked out along with the door location we can complete the installation. Please also ensure that you have attached clear pictures and instructions for the driveway, path, shed location, and window / accessory placements. As long as our installers have all of the information needed to complete the install we can do it entirely while you are away. Please let us know below if you plan to be home on the day of install or away during the installation.

Delivery Address

Please verify the address on your invoice is the correct address for installation and includes all details including postal code. If you could please test your address on Google Maps ( and make sure it works the way it is typed on the invoice or how you've typed it here. Our GPS systems use Google Maps, so ensuring that your address will load properly will help us get to your location smoothly on install day.

Phone Number

Please enter the best phone number and contact name to reach on install day below. If the installers have any questions on install day they will call this number.

Door Location(s)

Please verify the door location(s) are correct on your invoice. The door location can be found in the description of the shed kit on your invoice. In our shed description the first number is the wall with the doors. For example on a " Gable Shed 8'x12' " the doors will be on the 8' front. If you selected the option to move the doors to another location please verify this is correct; this information can be found lower on your invoice. Also, verify that if you have added any extra doors to your shed that the location on the invoice for the additional doors is correct; this information is also further down your invoice. If your door locations are not correct or unclear, it is very important to email or call us immediately at 905-330-2482 or if no answer call 289-775-3419.

Window / Accessory Placements

Please let us know where you would like your windows, shelves, solar lights and tool racks located. You can either describe the location(s) below in the text box or draw a sketch and use your phone camera to attach. Please Note: Standard shed windows are installed between the wall studs of the shed and we will place the windows as close as possible to your requested locations, but exact window locations can not be guaranteed.

Time of Installation

Our sheds are loaded and affected by several variables which ultimately determine what time in the day your shed installation will begin. If your install is first for the day our installers should arrive around 7AM-8:30AM. If your install is second for the day depending on the traffic and other unpredictable travel variables the installers should arrive around 10AM-1PM to begin your installation. If you would like to know whether your install will be first or second for your scheduled install date you will need to email us at or call us at 905-592-2040 in the afternoon of the business day before your install.

Driveway / Parking and Backyard Access

Please ensure that your driveway is empty for the arrival of our truck. If you do not have a driveway, please ensure that you have a parking spot in front of the house reserved that is large enough for our Hino 195 truck with room to unload. If you require install from the rear or back alley please send us photos of the entire drive lane from street entrance to the parking spot. The drive lane to the rear must be at least 9 feet wide from the street to the parking spot. Make sure the walking path to where you’d like your shed built is at least 2 feet wide with 8 feet of vertical clearance since we carry the individual walls fully built. All gate headers under 8' high must be removed. Please attach some photos of your driveway/parking spot, entry gate, as well as some photos of the pathway from the driveway/parking to where the shed is to be built.


Distance From Our Truck to Shed Install Site

If the location where you’d like your shed built is more than 100 feet from where our truck can park please let us know and we will need you to email us a few photos of the path to where you’d like the shed built. If the distance is more than 100 feet there may be an additional charge ($50 for 101-175 ft. distance or $100 for 176-250 ft. distance). The distance can not be more than 250 feet from where we unload our truck.

Electrical Outlet

For electrical power the installers will simply need access to an exterior plug that they can plug our extension cord into. We have over 200 feet of extension cords to run to the shed. Please test the plug to make sure it is working. If you do not have an exterior plug, please run an extension cord out your back door so it is available for the installers.

Is Your Site Ready For Installation?

Any plants, trees, vegetation, underground sprinkler systems and/or electrical wiring must be fully removed from underneath where the shed is being built before your installation date. Grass should be no longer than 6" where the shed is to be built. Please ensure that your yard is free from any pet droppings.

If you have a pre-existing concrete pad, please check that it is perfectly level and square at this point to ensure we can build your shed smoothly on install day. If you have any concerns about your pad being level and square, please contact us immediately.

Please note: There will be a $250 fee (plus fuel costs) if we cannot complete the shed and need to return due to the shed site not being ready or an unlevel concrete pad on your install date.


Other Contractors

Please advise us if there will be any other work being done on your property on the day of installation. This is important as we need space to park our truck during the installation and we can not move the truck until the installation is completed. Installation typically takes between 2-4 hours for most sheds.

Trees and Branches

We require 3 feet of clearance from the roof of the shed in order to safely install the shingles and roof accessories. Please check the overall height of your shed below in the chart and ensure that any large or small branches are removed that could obstruct the install process. If there are any small branches that have not been trimmed back and are impeding the shingling of the roof we will have to cut them to safely shingle the roof. Large branches must be removed prior to your installation date. If you have any concerns or questions about the height clearance for trees, cutting large branches, or our team clearing small branches please email us directly at with a zoomed out picture of the area of your shed location and above.

Please note: There will be a $250 fee (plus fuel costs) if we cannot complete the shed and need to return due to the shed site not being ready on your install date.

Shed Install Site Staking / Marking

We ask that you please stake out the four corners where you’d like your shed installed and place an item with the word "DOOR" (paper under a rock, a piece of wood etc) show where you would like the doors located. If you have a concrete pad you will not need to stake out the 4 corners but you need to mark where you would like the doors located. Please see the picture below. All Barn sheds must be at least 24" from a fence or house. This space is required to be able to install the roof and shingle. All Gable and Workshop sheds must be at least 18" from a fence or house. Single Slope style sheds can be placed against a fence or house. Be sure to check your local building department to ensure you are placing your shed within the required setback for your location. Please attach a photo of the spot where the shed will be installed for us to verify stakes, door location, and spacing from your fence.

Shed Painting

Please disregard if you have selected to have your shed painted.

The exterior of the shed needs to be painted. We recommend using Benjamin Moore Premium Exterior Latex Paint with Primer since this covers the exterior of the shed with only one or two coats. This helps to ensure a flattering finish and seals the wood. The wall paneling is already primed. The shed should ideally be painted within 90 days of install.

Final Payment Information

Final payment is due upon completion of the shed. We will email you a final invoice when the shed has been completed. You can use the same method of payment for final payment as you did your deposit. The payment options are as follows:

EMAIL MONEY TRANSFER (Fastest and Most Popular Option): We accept from all Canadian banks to our email address:; simply use your quote number as the security question and for the answer use your 8 digit account number located at the top right of your quote. When paying deposits through Email Money Transfer, if the amount is over your daily limit, final payment can be paid over multiple days.

ONLINE BILL PAYMENTS (Payment Received Next Business Day): We accept from: TD, Scotiabank or RBC; simply add, “Shed In A Day” as the payee and use your 8 digit account number located at the top right of your quote.

CREDIT CARD: We accept credit cards via phone or in person from: Visa, Mastercard, or Amex. Please note that this method has an extra 2.8% convenience fee.

CHEQUE: For cheque payments please make the cheque out to “Shed In A Day”. If you are planning to give a cheque to our installers in person, please let them know when they arrive so they know to get payment from you when the shed is complete. If you will not be home and will be leaving a cheque, please let us know in the additional notes at the end of the dorm where the cheque will be on install day. (Mailbox, etc.)


All of our sheds include a three year structural warranty. This warranty covers all of the structural components such as: doors, hinges, general framing and construction of the shed.

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